Ulaanbaatar to Kharkorin(Karakorum) bus

Ulaanbaatar to Kharkorin bus Mongolia

The trip from Ulan Bator to Kharkorin is cheap and relatively fast.

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Ulaanbaatar-Kharkorin Ticket office

Ulaanbaatar-Kharkorin Ticket office

First of all get to Dragon Bus Station which is on Peace  Avenue in the west of UB.  We paid 4,000 for a taxi or the bus is 500.  We were already 5 bus stops west of the city centre so a taxi may be a little more from the centre.  

Ulaanbaatar-Kharkorin Ticket office

Ulaanbaatar-Kharkorin Ticket office Entrance

We entered the bus station ticketing area and found the window which sold tickets to Kharkorin.  There are two buses a day, 11:00 or 14:00.  We paid 17,300($7USD) for each ticket for the 11:00 bus.

Get on the Bus

Ulaanbaatar to Kharkorin bus

You may need to buy the ticket in advance in the really high season, but we travelled on September 5 and the bus was half empty.  The bus left on time – well at 11:08. Near enough.

Ulaanbaatar-Kharkorin, bus, scenery

The scenery was really beautiful, with green rolling hills, thousands of sheep and goats along the way and the occasional small area cultivated with what looked like canola(yellow flowers). 

Lunch&toilet stop


There was one stop en route at 14:20 for about 20 minutes.  Lots of small places to eat and a particularly nice ‘village’ toilet on the other side of the street from the restaurants.  Three toilets, no doors, pit style – don’t look down!

Arrived at Kharkorin


We arrived at Kharkorin at 17:00 and owners of two of the most popular guest houses were there to greet the bus.  Always nice to arrive in less time  than you had imagined – I had  read it would take 8 hours and so arriving after 6 was great. The driver did not even drive very quickly in my opinion 

Head to the Guesthouse

Ulaanbaatar to Kharkorin bus

Ulaanbaatar to Kharkorin bus inside

Whilst waiting for the bus at UB a young lady approached us and the 5 other foreigners taking the bus with a brochure of Gaya’s Guesthouse.  It was funny because she made a note of my name even though I had told her that we would work out where we would stay when we arrived. Of course Gaya or the person from Gaya’s was there with my name on a piece of paper when we arrived.  We did not go with them, but decided to go with Suvd the owner of Family Guesthouse who was at the bus ‘station’. The prices are the same I think.

Useful Mongolian Phrases

Сайн байна уу(Sain baina uu)!

Би Хархорин руу явмаар байна.
I want to go to Kharkorin.

Автобус хэдэн цагт явдаг вэ?
What time the bus leave?

Автобус хэдэн цагт буцах вэ?
What time the bus arrive?


Thank you!

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