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Hitching from Kharkorin to Tsetserleg

After managing to get a ride and running a little errand we set off at about 10:00 from Kharkorin to Tsetserleg.

Kharkorin to Tsetserleg transport and costs

There are a couple of different transport options from Kharkorin to Tsetserleg.

Hitching from Tsetserleg to Tariat

After an enjoyable stay in Tsetserleg we decided to hitch the 161 kms from Tsetserleg to Tariat.

Tsetserleg to Tariat bus schedule and costs

There seems to be three buses a week making the journey between Tsetserleg and Tariat.

Tsenkher hot springs-Tsetserleg sightseeing and biking

We rented some some nice looking mountain bikes from the Fairfield Guesthouse (30,000 each) and headed out in the direct...
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