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How to get Bangkok from Chanthaburi by bus, how much it cost and how long it takes

We decided to go to Bangkok after a one night stay in Chanthaburi. There were lots of buses to go to Bangkok. It was eas...

Border Crossing From Battambang, Cambodia to Chanthaburi, Thailand, via Prum

There are a couple of options to cross the border from Battambang, Cambodia to Chanthaburi, Thailand. We took the route ...

Cheap Hotel in Chanthaburi, a review of Baan Sabai Guesthouse

We came to Chanthaburi from Cambodia and stayed one night in the Baan Sabai Guesthouse. This is one of the cheapest acco...

Things to do in Chanthaburi, sightseeing spots and activities – Thailand

Chanthaburi is a small town which is famous for its gemstones market. There were not many things to do in this town. Sti...
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