Moron to Erdenet transport options

Moron to Erdenet transport options Mongolia

The transport options between Moron and Erdenet seem to be limited to hitching or sharing a taxi if you want to leave in the morning. There was definitely no bus and it seemed like there was only one minibus leaving around 16:00.

Moron to Erdenet transport options

We had been told that the shared taxis from Moron to Erdenet would leave around 17:00. We managed to get s ride arriving in Moron at 08:30 from Khatgar – Khovsgol Nuur to the bus/taxi stand. (There are afternoon buses to UB for 38,000).

There are in fact shared taxis leaving for Erdenet when fill the cost for the 5 and a half hour journey is 28,500(US$11.4). We got lucky because two other passengers arrived by 10:00 and we left for the 400 kms journey. When we had first arrived they suggested that we might have to wait until 11:00 or 12:00.

It’s a new road and the shared taxis are Hyundai Sonara’s which is like a poor man’s executive motor. A comfortable journey with a lunch break half way.

Useful Mongolian Phrasese

Сайн байна уу(Sain baina uu)!

Би Эрдэнэт руу явмаар байна.
I want to go to Erdenet.

Хэдийг төлөх вэ?
How much?


Thank you!

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