Cycling in Battambang, Cambodia

Phnom Banan Temple, Battambang, Cambodia Cambodia
Phnom Banan Temple, Battambang, Cambodia

Battambang is the second largest city in Cambodia, but it is not so big. The traffic in the centre of the town was a little busy sometimes. However, once we got out of the centre part, you would soon feel that you were in the countryside in Cambodia.

Tourism in Battambang is developing and it was easy to get rental bicycles or motorbikes.

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Where to rent bicycles

Soksabike, Battamabang, Cambodia

Rental bike shop, Soksabike, in Battambang

We went to a bike shop on the street 1½ , which was a funny name for a street name.

They rent a city bicycle for $2 US per day or a mountain bike for $5 US.

City bikes

City bikes

I don’t really like riding on mountain bikes, so we had city bicycles which are the most popular style of bikes in Asia.

They needed to take a deposit, either money ($20 US per bike) or your ID (passport or driver’s licence).

near Psar Nath (central market, Street 1.5, Krong Battambang,
+855 12 542 019

the Road to Phnom Banan Temple

Phnom Banan Temple is 22kms away from the centre of Battambang city. It’s an historical Khmer style ruined temple which has a nice view.

We decided to take a smaller road along the river. After crossing the bridge in the city, we went down to the south on a small riverside road. Some parts of the road were not paved and dusty. The traffic was not too bad at all.

The small road was getting more relaxing as we went on. The people smiled and said, “hello!” The children were waving hands with their big smiles. We felt that we were very welcomed.

A narrow bridge in Battambang, Cambodia

A narrow bridge

The riverside road was in good condition and there was a very narrow bridge just before the good road turned into a dirt road. We crossed over.

There was another road after the small bridge which led us on to the main road which was paved. We biked on the main road until we got to the temple.

On the way to Phnom Banan Temple

Coconut water, 2,500 Riel

Coconut water, 2,500 Riel

On the way to the temple, we had fresh coconut water for 2,500 Riel, and 4 pieces of baked bananas for 1,500 Riel which made us keep going.

The lady who was baking bananas, Battambang, Cambodia

The lady who was baking bananas

There were a few restaurants on the way to the temple so you could get lunch there if you wanted. There were food shops and restaurants in the temple area, but it is not as cheap as local restaurants.

Phnom Banan Temple

The entrance fee was $2 US. The lady at the ticket office somehow didn’t want to give us tickets after we paid. We had to ask her to give them to us.

We parked our bicycles by the ticket counter and walked into the temple area.

The steps of Phnom Banan Temple, Battambang, Cambodia

The steps of Phnom Banan Temple

There were more than 300 steps to get to the peak of the hill. The steps were a bit steep, but we thought it was worth it. There were 5 temple buildings on the top. They were not in perfect shape. Still, it was amazing that they were standing there.

We enjoyed the view from the top too, although the trees were blocking the view pretty much. You could see how flat this country is.

Bringing hats is recommended

The road was flat with almost no hills. Biking was not difficult, but it’s better to take your hat or sunglasses and water to drink. There was not much shade at some parts of the route.

Phnom Banan Temple:
+855 12 534 177

Ek Phnom Pagoda

On the second day, we cycled to the north of the city. We went along the river for about for 10km. The road was paved and smooth and it was very flat. In the morning in December, the weather was not too hot and the trees beside the road gave nice shade. The people were friendly and smiling. The road was quieter and relaxed than the south area where we had been on the previous day.

Ek Phnom Pagoda, Battambang, Cambodia

Ek Phnom Pagoda

Ek Phnom Pagoda is a Buddhist temple. There was a white Buddha sitting on the stone stage. The entrance fee was $1 US per person.

Ek Phnom Pagoda:
+855 70 875 599

Samrong Knong Killing Field

After the Ek Phnom Pagoda, we went back on the same road we came until a big bridge. We crossed the bridge and went up to the north again on the opposite side of the river.

Samrong Knong Killing Field, Battambang, Cambodia

Samrong Knong Killing Field

Samrong Knong Killing Field is north next to Wat Samrong Knong. It was free to enter, but they accept donations for the building maintenance.

Samrong Knong Killing Field:
+855 10 865 810

Baset Pagoda

There is another Buddhist temple called Baset Pagoda. We tried to get there; we went down to the south from the Samrong Knong temple and turned left at the cross junction. Baset Pagoda is 9.5 km east from the junction. It should be straightforward, but we had to cycle against the wind without any shelter from the burning sun. We gave up going there and decided to go back to the city.

Baset Pagoda:
O Krasang,



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